How Long Does a Car Seat Live and Why?

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When you purchase a new child car seat, you think that it’ll remain the same forever and you can reuse it for other children. At first, you’re right if you have bought a high-quality seat. But, within years of active usage, you notice that something is wrong and wonder what to do. Does it mean that your car seat must retire as soon as possible? How long does a car seat last? Let’s find it out!

When Is It Time to Change a Car Seat?

According to The Washington Post, a car seat is no longer suitable for exploitation after six years of use. Of course, numbers may differ depending on the materials and intensity of use, but six years is a standard car seat lifespan.

Why Does It Happen?

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First off, it is caused by high temperatures inside your car. If it’s too hot, the car seat expires faster. Thus, it’s recommended to have a garage where you keep your vehicle. If you live in a hot zone, a parking lot may not be the best option for your car.

Secondly, cat seat frames that are made mainly or partly from plastic get damaged faster than those made from steel. The latter ones are heavier in transportation but they withstand a bigger weight and last for longer compared to the former. So, take a closer look at the frame.

By the way, everything depends on wear and tear. Think about how much time your child spends in a car seat per week. 5 hours? 10 hours? Or maybe 20? And now let’s recall how often they spill water, tear the fabric, or damage that poor buckle. Too often, huh?

Does It Mean You Have to Throw Away the Car Seat?

Well, if you don’t have the funds to buy a new one, try replacing the torn-down fabric and cleaning up this seat properly. Even if it’s older than six years, you can use it if it performs all the functions that it should. However, make sure you don’t have an expired car seat.

After that think about whether your car has gone through an accident. Could the child’s seat have been damaged in some way? If yes, then get it inspected to see if it works the same way as it did before. Do this once a year, and if everything is alright, continue using it.

But, no matter what you choose – to inspect an old car seat or buy a new one, remember that nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of your children. We have reviewed the ‘new vs. used’ car seat issue in this article.

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