About Us

The story behind this project isn’t that extraordinary and remarkable, but still, it is full of love and dedication. Before becoming parents, we haven’t even contemplated how many choices we will have to make to ensure our dear little kids feel comfortable and safe. 

Our Mission

It is our priority to provide kids with the best and most quality things that they use or that surround them every day. There are so many products on the modern market that their variety makes one’s head spin. So how to choose the best baby products today? What shall we rely on when looking through the car seats or baby apparel? 

Caring Parents’ Choice is not only about the best things for babies. It’s also about analysis, research, and testing. All the things we review have been purchased by us or provided for review by manufacturers and then tested for months. And only some of them were awarded with a chance to be talked about and recommended for parents.

There are tons of hours spent researching and analyzing. There are loads of effort behind our work. There are lots of questions asked and answered. There are dozens of experts and specialists consulted. There are so many happy children who now feel comfortable, safe, sound, entertained and taken the fullest care of.

We are here for you with our unbiased, true, sharp, and profound reviews, and the most sincere recommendations, useful tips, fun facts, and interesting stories. And we are happy to be part of this project helping other caring parents to make the right choice. And we are more than happy to share helpful and practical information about your baby’s physical, emotional, mental, and psychological development at all stages of their life.

*Caring Parents’ Choice is reader-supported. We get a commission when you follow our links and buy the things we’ve recommended. We don’t get any other financial gain for testing baby things and writing about them in our reviews. We never advertise baby products in our reviews and never take money from manufacturers or their marketing agents.

Who We Are

Natalie Mak, child psychologist

Natalie has got her degree from Stanford University and has helped many families and children who had various problems. Now she is a mom to a smart little girl and also a dedicated writer. She is a real expert in everything that concerns baby psychology and development. Natalie adores sports, traveling, and Italian cuisine and loves being useful and helping people to make this world a better place. 

Mike Goodman, pediatrician, M.D.

Mike is a dad to three and an M.D. with a medical degree from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He is responsible for making sure every single medical fact published on our website is right, accurate, and compliant with the recommendations and guidelines of highly authoritative medical sources. He is crazy about traveling, sports, and a healthy lifestyle. And in his family, Mike is the one responsible for healthy nutrition and keeping every family member sports-oriented.

Rachel Jones, certified sleep expert

Rachel has found herself helping parents with their kids’ sleep issues, and it makes her more than happy when they come back with gratitude and recommend turning to sleep experts. She is a mom to three adorable children, and she hopes there are more to come. Rachel loves traveling, reading good and profound books, and cuddling with her kids. She wishes that every family had relaxed moms and healthy kids and that hugs and kisses become the main attribute of happy families.